Welcome to my blog. Over the next few weeks, you will see several changes. I will start talking about life as I see it, and how I attribute my ideas into works of art. I will also post progress on my newly found scrapbooking room. I couldn't be more excited for it to finally be getting organized and for me to finally have my own space! Please feel free to message me with questions or please take a look at all my work and I hope you find my work as I do. Just remember, create!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More changes!!!!!

Well, I'm so excited to have one more section of my scrapbooking room finished!!! It's all so real!!! A few more weeks and it will be a great room!!! We went to the vikings game last night and it was my first one ever. We won!!! I'm so excited! It was awesome!!! Favre butt looked amazing of course!!!

Here are some pictures of the latest!!! I finally found a new way to organize my ribbon. I'm also getting the Expression and Jukebox on Friday, of course I can't wait for that! I stamped on the desk Jon made it turned out pretty good. So, here is a little of what the one section will look like!!!

Just needs the rest of the ribbon, pictures, and Cricut Expression
Here are the peg boards Jon made..
How I started to organize ribbon...
This desk Jon made, I stamped them of course...
More of what the desk looks like....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

And some more after photos and how it's coming along...

Well, I will do another post later of what we've got done this week, but I wanted to add the other after pictures so far. I'm loving what we've done to it this far. I can't wait for it to actually be finished!!!!

The before and after makings of a true scrapbooker...

Ok, well as most of you know scrapbooking has forever been apart of my life. So, I decided to turn my blog into my scrapbooking before and after. We decided to start working on a hobby room for both the kids and I so that we all can work together and do what we do best and CREATE!!! As you notice, the bottom pictures are from when we bought the house, and onward up is how we've remodeled. Now, we finally decided to just make a whole brand new room and start from scratch and even build a new wall. We tore out all the prebuilt cabinets, molded the walls, sanded the walls, primed the walls, painted the walls, and laid all brand new carpet. We've also put all new trim up as well as new electrical. I'm going to make another post of all the most recent work we've done in the room and how I'm starting to organize my hobby room. It's going to be the best room in the house once we're all finished. The kids will love it! I will love it! So, here are the making of my new before and afters!

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