Welcome to my blog. Over the next few weeks, you will see several changes. I will start talking about life as I see it, and how I attribute my ideas into works of art. I will also post progress on my newly found scrapbooking room. I couldn't be more excited for it to finally be getting organized and for me to finally have my own space! Please feel free to message me with questions or please take a look at all my work and I hope you find my work as I do. Just remember, create!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm getting there!

Well, the time is flying, only wish it would a little bit more. I'm 29 weeks pregnant, and I have my next growth scan on Tuesday. I don't feel very big, so I hope everything is going good. Few people have mentioned how small I look also. So, hopefully baby has put on some weight...or I'm afraid I'll be induced before I would like to be. I would really like a full term baby...even though I met a women yesterday who had a full term baby and her baby still ended up in the NICU.

I still think everyone in my house has the swine flu. Thankfully, I got every room sanitized and cleaned, and all the laundry done besides the socks, which seems to be a problem most the time in this household. I don't know why we end up with so many socks...oh wait, it's probably because we get too busy...but oh well. Tonight is my plan to get that done as well as my little cousins pillow that I have been too sick to make. The fabric is awesome, so I hope he likes it.

Anyways, post more later maybe. Need to do some activities with the kids before they go to haywire around here!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Picture Post for those in the warmer climates...

Nick and Aiden on his leave!
Maddy and me on her 3rd birthday party!
Nick and Mike, never know about those two...
Jon and Nick
Maddy and Nick
Nick and I
Mom, Nick, Me, and Jon munching on the goods!

Well, I need more time to be able to put more pictures up for those of you who are in California. You suck...as soon as I get offered that great job I'm moving out there and getting myself a pool as well! Have fun and stay safe!
And Ronnie, stay out of trouble!

What day is it again?

Well, it's about 9 a.m. on Thursday. Madeline came into my room around 2 a.m. again. Luckily enough for me, she went back to sleep on her mattress within an hour. Aiden slept all through the night, as usual. Both are strangely in a good mood this morning. We decided to have today as our lounge day. We are all wearing our pajamas and cuddling on the couch. Of course, they are watching Dora...I swear, If I hear we did it one more time, I may discontinue my cable. Of course, I get lucky enough to be on "vacation" when Maddy starts getting sick. I noticed her nose running yesterday with a slight cough. Today she's coughing more, only time will tell if she is going to get real sick. I'm thinking this time may go different since she just got some steroid shots about a month ago. Well, I can hope right? Aiden of course if just fine today in his army pajamas. I am a little worried about Aiden. He seems as though he's not eating much, and he seems thinner. Jon was always very skinny growing up. He was so skinny, you looked fragile. I worry that may happen with Aiden, but I hope not. I don't want him to be fat either, but I can only watch and see. Aiden has been more active too, so that could be why he seems thinner, or maybe he's just getting taller! He's been weirdly attached to me...he doesn't want to stay at daycare, nor let me leave. Maybe he is just acting weird...who knows with these kids anymore.

Nick and Twyla have their first ultrasound today, which she's already about 4 months along from what the doctor says. I'm so excited to find out what he's having, I sure hope they can tell today, that would be awesome! I guess the Army is letting her take a honorable discharge, because their team is leaving to Afghanistan soon, and she can't fly over there being pregnant. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what they say later.

Oh man, I can't believe it's September already. I am excited to have another baby, yet very nervous at the same time. I think if Maddy were less hyper and impulsive it wouldn't be so bad. I have to keep a constant eye on her, or she may cut her hair off, slice her finger off, run out into traffic, or worse. I get so nervous about her somedays, I can only hope that maybe the school will call me back and tell me they can start working with her again. I'm hungry, but don't know what for. I'm sick of cereal, and yogurt. Thankfully I can go pick up some fruit today. My hernia was huge this morning when I got up. I'm starting to get nervous about it...I mean when my maternal fetal specialist scanned it, it didn't look like it was at the dangerous point yet, but then again, having a part of the intestine stick out of your pelvic region isn't always the prettiest site either, and it HURTS! My gosh...I never thought it would but it does now. I'm thinking it's because the baby is growing too, and the added pressure probably doesn't help too much. I have my next growth scan next week so hopefully I will hear good news. Then next week the baby and I have our next specialty scan and to check all baby's organs again and etc. So, again, hopefully good news will come of that!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boy is time sure flying by...September already? It's about 7:30 a.m., I've been up since 6 a.m., lord knows I can't sleep fully ever. Madeline was up at 1:50 and stayed up until about 6 a.m. this morning. So far, she got into my chapstick, suitcase, finger nail clippers, eye shadow, and god knows what else I'll find in between my dozing off spurts. I honestly don't know what to do with her anymore. I've tried everything, and yet, it still seems like none of her doctors are worried...too much anyways. The school district hasn't returned any of my calls yet either. I realize they have so many kids, but sometimes, I just feel so alone with her. I feel like a bad parent, and I feel like I went wrong somewhere.

Aiden has been more than attached lately also. Not sure what's going on there...maybe he knows Mommy is having another baby...I mean, baby's can sense things after all right? Anyways, who knows. Here's to the start of my day. We'll see where I end up by the end of the night.

Working in the office today as well as working on pillows and blankets!
I finally got the NICU photography pictures back! I think they turned out pretty good!

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