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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby Update...

Well, here I am...still pregnant! He is definitely growing, and the doctor says that he is certain that he will be bigger than Aiden. Great! It took awhile to find the heart beat, which was a bit scary for both of us...he said that doesn't usually happen to him...he blamed it on him being late into my appointment. My kidneys are doing well, and no UTI's so far, which is great! He is fairly certain I can make it to at least 38 or 39 weeks, which is still farther than both my children! I'm hoping my water just breaks on its own at 38 weeks though, because I am tired...and want my body back...but...whenever he's ready I guess. I see Dr. Larson again in two weeks for another growth scan, that's when we'll decide if the umbilical cord is going to hold up for the remaining couple weeks, or if it will be time to pull the plug. Hopefully, the cord and placenta will still be functioning ok with the one vessel. But, my hopes are high that this baby will be healthier. I feel as though he is healthier, he kicks much harder, almost so hard that he shakes my whole body! He's bigger than Aiden already which tell me he's doing well. He's been less active today so that made me worry a bit, but I'm thinking it will be ok. Anyways, I'm excited things are going well.

Internship is officially done as of next week. Then, better news! I got hired on as a full time counselor! I'll officially be getting paid to give people advice...yay! I do love my job and I hope everything works out well. I am going to the MARRCH conference in two weeks and I'm excited...I hear it's very good. Hopefully Jon can manage with the kids...eeeek!

So far I've read Twilight, New Moon, and am about half way through Eclipse. I'm really liking them more now. I can't wait to finish Eclipse...but, tiredness has been playing a role in my reading lately.

Maddy and Aiden seem to be doing well. Maddy is doing well in gymnastics and school, dance is still a struggle, but we will see. Aiden has been getting up more at night, I think he has an ear infection, but he seems ok otherwise! I love them both but hope their attitudes stay in check when the new baby boy comes.

I'll be doing a lot of cleaning and organizing in the next couple week. That reminds me, I need to upload new pics of the nursery and the switched remodeled rooms. That was hell in a handbag, but it's finished and the crib is up! Now, I just have to hang all the baby' clothes as I finally have them all washed. I'm getting excited, and just hope he's healthy! I got my breast pump so I can finally stop worrying about that! Now I just have to worry about bills and trying to get my first paycheck in so I can afford a few more baby things.

Anyways, I'm exhausted, I worked 12 hours today and still managed to do a few things at home. Upload more pics soon!

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